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A Microsoft Word template that contains a set of macros that gives you the ability to use vi/vim -like keystrokes in Word. Perfect for vi-fingers who seldom leave the home row of the keyboard.

Latest version: 0.5 [download]

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Many of vim's keys are not implemented for a number of reasons. Firstly, the 90/10 rule states that we should achieve 90% of the functionality in 10% of the time. Secondly, it works for me. Finally, it would be quite difficult to implement some of the advanced features available in other vi clones.

Implemented features:

  • Switching from Normal to Insert: i, I, a, A, o, O, s, c
  • Insert to Normal: Esc
  • Search: /, ?, n, N
  • Command mode: :w :q :wq :q!
  • Repeat last command: '.'
  • Delete current line: dd
  • Delete to end-of-line: C, D
  • Movements: G,h,j,k,l,w,e,b,^,$,0,Ctrl-F,Ctrl-B
  • Undo, Redo: u, Ctrl-R
  • Editing: x,X
  • Count-movement: 10-j (move down 10 lines)
  • Paste: p
  • Delete word: dw, db
  • goto line by using 1G, nG, G, :n
  • Toggle case: ~

Don't try anything else! But if you do and it breaks, let me know by email or post a message on the blog.





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