Here lies some of my open source project endeavors. Most of them are rather dusty, and are only here for posterity. My recent adventures can be found on my Github account.

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Projects :: Migaloo (off-site)

This is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird / MailNews client that serves your emails via HTTP, ala webmail. Very often, we find ourselves away from our desktop wishing to access a message that has been downloaded onto the mail client, but unable to because it is sitting in the computer at home. Leaving your emails on the server is an option, but it makes checking for new messages slow because the client has to download a huge message IDs from the POP3 server every time. With Migaloo, you just leave your Mozilla mail client open and stay online, then go to any web-enabled terminal, log in and read your messages from there.


Projects :: viWord

A Microsoft Word template that contains a set of macros that gives you the ability to use vi/vim -like keystrokes in Word. Perfect for vi-fingers who seldom leave the home row of the keyboard.


Projects :: IDN-OSS (off-site)

IDN-OSS stands for IDN Open Source Software — a project conceived by Richard Tindal and James Seng to develop quality RFC-compliant software to support the use of IDN in desktop applications. IDN-OSS is currently hosted at Internet Software Consortium, there is a blog and a wiki used to track the development. I am currently the chief software architect in the project.


Projects :: HPView

HPView is a multi-platform graphical heap profile viewer for GHC. It is written in Haskell (a purely functional programming language) using wxHaskell — a Haskell library for the popular wxWidgets GUI toolkit.


Projects :: fXplorer

fXplorer is a freeware application that I developed during my early years of learning how to program. It is a desktop utility that allows you to access your files and folders by navigating menus accessible from the system tray. There are two incarnations. Version 1 was written in C using straight win32 API (ported from a Visual Basic 4 prototype that I did). Version 2 was a complete revamp into OO-style C++ when I first got into UML, design patterns and such cool things.

The project is no longer supported, even though both versions are still working very well.


Projects :: Perl Embedding Engine (off-site)

PEE for short. A couple of Perl modules that allows you to have dynamic web pages by embedding Perl code in HTML. This was similar in spirit to JSP, where template files are first translated into runnable perl code and then executed. It even runs in mod_perl and FastCGI! Since then, there have been countless projects that achieves the same thing, with a larger user community. I was also bought over by the MVC-on-the-web school of thought. Therefore, this project is now obsolete. The project is kindly hosted by SourceForge.