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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Just installed the latest version of MoinMoin to keep track of my notes. I have been hesitant to install one (well I did have a UseMod instsall for a game idea from a long time back archived here by the WayBackMachine.)

I also started one some time back at wetpaint, and have been spoilt by their WYSIWYM editor. Now that MoinMoin too has WYSIWYM editing support, I’d much prefer to host it myself and have full control over it. Don’t get me wrong, I use the wiki text editor too, but I also enjoy the convenience of quickly jotting down a few ideas without having to refer to the syntax (doesn’t help that the TWiki installation we use at work has a slightly different syntax from MoinMoin.)

So, in the next few days I will be migrating the notes from to my new wiki.

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