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16yo Spammer

Friday, August 25th, 2006

/. is running a story of a 16 year old spammer who was sentenced to be grounded in this bedroom for two months:

Apparently Lennon used a piece of email bombing software called Avalanche to wreak revenge on his ex-employer, Domestic and General Group. His five million emails contained the message “You will die in seven days.”

A couple of very funny comments:

Someone said:
>> Send him to Singapore and have him canned

Someone else replied:
>> Does being canned hurt more than being caned? It sounds as though it might.

While it’s sad that Singapore has attained this rather “tyrannic” reputation, it’s a very likely outcome had the hearing been held there.

My favourite is this:
>> See, this spam worked because about 200 of the people received it did die in 7 days. Its always that small percentage of people responding to the spam that keeps the spammers going. Damn those people.

How so true.