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Domains are safe

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Ever since I learned about the RegisterFly trouble, I’ve been frantically trying to transfer my domains out of that crook of a registrar.

Some of my domains registered with RegisterFly had Enom as the registrar of record because RegisterFly was an Enom reseller before “getting accredited” themselves. One of them was particularly problematic because the authorization code was not showing in RegisterFly’s control panel and I had to send a bunch of documentations to Enom to get the domain moved to an Enom account. I’ve been twisting my fingers for the past week and am relieved to finally have all my domains transferred to GoDaddy. The only thing I lost out on is some $15 worth of credit in the RegisterFly account, which I am dead sure will not see the light of day.

Now, as long as Bob Parson doesn’t start using the company funds to buy a private jet or some villa in the carribean I reckon I’ll be safe.

Few lessons learnt from this exercise:

  • Always keep your whois data up-to-date, particularly the email address
  • Renew early (at least 3 months before the expiry)
  • Select a reputable registrar – this one is hard as they all suck, just a question of which one sucks less, and a balance between price and reliability.

Registerfly Comes Crashing Down

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

All my domains are with Registerfly, which is in deep trouble. I won’t re-iterate all the details here because GoDaddy’s Bob Parson has summarized it very well in his post.

So, I’ve been busy trying to transfer my domains to GoDaddy. In case you think I’m some big-time cyber-squatter1, I have 17 domains in total – hardly any “portfolio”. Keeping my fingers crossed that all my domains including survives the transfer (it’s tricky because the expiry is near.)

1 aka “domainer”.