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Sunday, February 15th, 2004

While digging through some old archives, I found a piece of MS Word macro I wrote almost 3 years ago as a proof-of-concept, dubbed viWord. It allows you to use vi-like keybindings in Word. It should work for Office 2000, XP and 2003. vi-philes who are forced to work in Word might like it.

However, as this is only an experimental toy, it is not intended to be used seriously. However, given enough interests I might consider reviving it and making it into a proper product (for free, of course).

Implemented keybindings:

  1. Switching from Normal to Insert: i, a, A, o, O
  2. Insert to Normal: Esc
  3. Movements: h,j,k,l,w,b,$,0,Ctrl-F,Ctrl-B
  4. Undo, Redo: u, Ctrl-R
  5. Editing: x,X
  6. Count-movement: 10-j (move down 10 lines)

Get it! You know you want to.

Instructions can be found in README.txt