FoXRI Updated for Firefox 3

Prompted by Emanuel in a comment to my post on i-names, I’ve finally tended to the long-overdue item in my TODO queue, i.e. update FoXRI to work with Firefox 3.

The request from Emanuel came almost serendipitously 2 days after =les nonchalantly asked me if I had plans to update it to FF3, to which I answered “one of these days.”

New in this version are 2 patches from Michael Krelin which adds detection of URIs for more OpenID versions, and the handling of append attribute values. Changelog for the patches are available at his git repository.
Thanks, Michael!

Due to what seems like a new security restriction that protocol handlers are not allowed to link to chrome URIs, I can’t seem to get it to load the CSS and icons from the chrome any more. Therefore, those files are now hosted remotely at so if you see requests to that host, please don’t be alarmed.

3 Responses to “FoXRI Updated for Firefox 3”

  1. Says:

    You’re welcome 😉

    Funny that files loaded from remote site considered more secure than chrome.

  2. wil Says:

    I discovered that the requests for CSS and images provide no HTTP referer headers. It could just be the way I have implemented the extension.

  3. Wil Tan Says:

    Come to think about it, that turns out to be good for privacy :)