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Registerfly Comes Crashing Down

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

All my domains are with Registerfly, which is in deep trouble. I won’t re-iterate all the details here because GoDaddy’s Bob Parson has summarized it very well in his post.

So, I’ve been busy trying to transfer my domains to GoDaddy. In case you think I’m some big-time cyber-squatter1, I have 17 domains in total – hardly any “portfolio”. Keeping my fingers crossed that all my domains including survives the transfer (it’s tricky because the expiry is near.)

1 aka “domainer”.

America 101

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Many of you knew that I was moving to the US — I’ve been saying it for months. So, I finally made the move and am glad to announce that I’m officially here, and am settling in quite well.

Some photos are in order.

After spending a night at Aelvin’s place in NJ, I flew to Washington Dulles Airpot on Saturday 10th of February and arrived at the Hertz car rental to pick up my month-long rental car. I paid for an upgrade and they were nice enough to give me a 2007 Camry, only travelled 1,400 miles.

Next, I went to the apartment to sign the lease and get the keys to move in.

Living room looking at the balcony.


Washer and dryer nicely tucked in a closet




View from balcony

Same view on Valentine’s day

Same view on Sunday 25th Feb

View of my apartment block. My unit is the balcony on the third floor.

Across the street from my apartment compound.

When viewed from my balcony on Sunday.

Snow flakes on my car window while driving to work.

On the evening that I arrived, Les and Kim were nice enough to bring me an air mattress and Sony flat screen TV plus some essentials all the way from Baltimore. That was a life saver, thanks guys!

The first weekend was Chinese New Year and since Monday the 19th Feb was President’s Day. Seeing that it was a long weekend, I decided to drive up to NJ to spend with Aelvin and his family. It was a nice and quiet one, but I didn’t take any photos except on my way back (using my brand spanking new Blackberry Pearl):

Along Interstate highway I-95

In the tunnel near Baltimore

And if you’re curious as to what my place and surrounding is like, here’s a satellite view:

This satellite map shows you how to get from my apartment to my work place. Yep! 6 minutes and a traffic light later, I’m there!

That’s it for now!