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FoXRI updated for Firefox 2.0

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Just a quick mention that I’ve updated FoXRI to be compatible to Firefox 2.0. I haven’t had time to implement URI construction (which explains why some URI links don’t work in the FoXRI explorer).

Thanks to Gabe and Ken Walsh for the reminder.

NeuStar Launches 5 New Languages for .BIZ

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

We launched 5 new languages for IDN in .BIZ today. They are Danish (da), Icelandic (is), Norwegian (no), Spanish (es) and Swedish (sv). Prior to this, the only language available in .BIZ was German (de), launched in October 2004.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank DK-Hostmaster, ISNIC, NORID, NIC-SE and Cary Karp of MuseDoma for their help and advice on these tables. The work on these tables really started 2 years ago when we first had the intention to launch additional languages, so I am very proud and relieved that they made it out!

Here’s a summary of the non-ASCII characters available for registration:

Code Point Character Language Codes
U+00E0 à no
U+00E1 á is,no,es
U+00E4 ä de,da,sv,no
U+00E5 å da,sv,no
U+00E6 æ da,is,no
U+00E7 ç no
U+00E8 è no
U+00E9 é da,sv,is,no,es
U+00EA ê no
U+00ED í is,es
U+00F0 ð is
U+00F1 ñ no,es
U+00F2 ò no
U+00F3 ó is,no,es
U+00F4 ô no
U+00F6 ö de,da,sv,is,no
U+00F8 ø da,no
U+00FA ú is,es
U+00FC ü de,da,sv,no,es
U+00FD ý is
U+00FE þ is
U+010D č no
U+0111 đ no
U+0144 ń no
U+014B ŋ no
U+0161 š no
U+0167 ŧ no
U+017E ž no

If you’re looking to register a Scandinavian or Spanish domain name, visit your favourite domain registrar to get yourself one.
When you’re done and made a web site out of it, don’t forget to submit it to IDNSearch.NET!