IDNSearch Launch

What do you do on a long weekend? Code, code…. and more code!

That’s all I’ve been doing the whole US labor day weekend, working on various projects. One of the projects that i’ve been burning my weekends on is The idea is to have a showcase of IDN’s as they are being used today. It serves as a central searchable directory of IDN’s that is community-driven.

Finally, after many burnt weekends and missed lunches, the site is ready for public consumption.


  • searching – this is an essential feature by definition
  • voting – yay or nay? Have your say
  • commenting – discuss with each other
  • tagging – organize them by category
  • trackback – ping an IDN to have it link to your blog
  • RSS feed – stay tuned to the latest additions

I’ve spent most of today scouring the web for interesting IDN’s and manually adding it to the site. As of now, there is a total of 38 IDN’s spread across 11 TLD’s and 10 languages, and already you can see the potential for it (well, at least I can.) So, if you’re reading this, please explore the site and send me your feedback. If you have a little more time, help by either submitting an IDN or casting some votes! Tell your friends about it. Thank you and God bless!


One Response to “IDNSearch Launch”

  1. Jean Says:


    nice site.

    There are already very good websites using IDN.