Psychic Lying Vending Machines of 2015

James tipped me off to iDA’s iN2015 IT Masterplan. It a vision and roadmap to Singapore’s IT-laden future. In fact, it is quite realistic and very imaginable. I love iDA’s ad campaigns; don’t know about you but I find them really funny.

I think they can stretch our imagination further. Let me help them out…

The original (To see the actual thing, go to and mouse over “3.00pm”) :

iDA iN2015

My version:

iDA iN2015 spoof

If you can’t read it, here’s what it said:

The TCM knowledge-empowered vending machine senses his sore throat and knows that chocolate is too heaty for him. So, it temporarily displays “Unavailble – try again tomorrow” under the Choc Chip flavour. David thought, “It’s 2015 for God’s sake! You’d think they would’ve triggered the re-order level days ago and had it replenished by now.”

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