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Using XML-Stream without

Monday, March 7th, 2005

I needed to write a notification script for AMMS, so that a mail server administrator can be notified by IM when the MTA is down.

So I set out to install the popular Net::Jabber module, but soon found it to be tricky. I was using Perl 5.6.1, and chasing the dependency tree led me to XML::Stream, which listed Perl 5.8 as a pre-requisite.

The thing is, the only feature from Perl 5.8 required by XML::Stream is the module. I found the Unicode::UTF8simple module, which was created exactly to fill that gap for us late adopters.

So, here it is, if you wish to install XML::Stream on Perl 5.6 (may work on other versions but I have not tested), you can apply this patch to lib/XML/ before running perl Makefile.PL.

p.s.: Had I used the ever-”useful” CPAN shell to install Net::Jabber, I guess it would’ve proceeded to build a new Perl distribution on my humble Pentium 300Mhz laptop with 32MB of memory.