New viWord Release 0.5

Grab it here:

The ChangeLog:

  • ~ command (toggle case in Vim)
  • Improved search: case-sensitive matching is default, remembers previous search text when you type / or ?, supports Word’s wildcard searches (not as powerful as UNIX regexp of course, but it’s not too bad really), fixed a bug with changing the search key while a match is highlighted.
  • Fixed the Capslock key bug (as reported by Tom Hall)
  • Fixed the wierd x bug (deleting a space character when cursor is to the right of a punctuation mark doesn&quotet work)

As usual, bug reports are welcome!
If you like the work and would like to show your support, please consider donating via paypal 😉

3 Responses to “New viWord Release 0.5”

  1. Thomas Lackey Says:

    This is really nice, thanks for going through the effort to do it.

    I tried viWord recently on a machine with Office XP and it worked particularly well in Word and Outlook. I ran into something using it on my machine with Office 2003 / Outlook 2003. If I start a new mail message, I can type in the text of the message just fine, but cannot input any text into the “To:” or “Subject:” or other header fields except for characters like the “=” sign. I hoped you might have run into this or have some ideas. I am willing to do some leg myself if I know where to start. Thanks again!

  2. William Tan Says:

    The problem is due to Outlook sending all keystrokes to the embedded Word editor, even when the focus is in the header fields (To/Cc/Bcc/Subject). We can detect that the user is editing the headers, but have no way of getting at the text buffers in those fields. If you have experience with VBA you might be able to help. Just contact me via email “wil -at- dready -dot- org”.

    Actually, Andrew Koyfman has a patch for it by unbinding and rebinding the keys on every keystroke. It works but incurs quite a significant performance hit so I haven’t integrated the code into the package. Since we have more than one person needing it (I don’t use Outlook so I don’t count as a user), I will look into releasing the patched version.

    Thanks for using it!

  3. Outlook Express repair Says:

    I must admit to being more impressed for it. I’ve even recommended it to all my friends.