viWord 0.4 Released

Thanks to everyone who have shown support and interests in this little hack of mine. I’ve been using it for quite some time now. Despite some minor bugs still lurking around, I really love it myself. This is one of my few creations that I can actually bear to use :)

Grab it here:

Update: To make Word use its normal keystrokes (e.g. when you need to let someone else use your computer): Go to Tools -> Customize, click on the "Keyboard..." button, then click on "Reset All...". To get rid of it completely, do the above and remove the file.

The ChangeLog:

  • e command.
  • c modifier (only cw and cb works for now)
  • Changed the behavior of Shift-A to move to the end of paragraph (equiv. to the end of a long unbroken line in vi) instead of just the end of the screen line.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the error 5346 that was caused by viWord trying to bind to an existing combo (Ctrl-R) used for “align paragraph to right indent” (who the hell uses that anyway?) viWord first removes that binding and then binds Ctrl-R to the Redo operation (just as VIM does).
  • x now copies the character(s) onto the clipboard so you could use xp to swap characters.
  • viWord enters normal mode without you having to hit the emulate button or the ESC key when you first start Word.

7 Responses to “viWord 0.4 Released”

  1. Mike Mills Says:

    Thanks for the viWord updates!

    Suggestion for the todo list: case sensitive searching (right now searching is case insensitive).


  2. wil Says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Mike!

    This raises the question of how to enable that..
    Do we use the vim-style “:set ignorecase”, which means we would have to save that somewhere.

    I could flip the swtich to make it case sensitive, if that’s what most people want..

  3. wil Says:

    Like everyone else, I’m just using this page as a bug tracker myself.

    1. There is a wierd behaviour: when the cursor is between a comma and a space, the x (delete current character) command doesn’t work. I believe it’s got something to do with micros~1’s trying to be smart and re-insert a space thinking that after every comma there should be a space… will look more into it.

    2. I would also like to enable the ~ command for toggling the case of characters.

    These should be available in the next version.

  4. Tom Hall Says:

    This viWord is awesome !
    One reason I wanted it was that there is this little checkmark in Outlook (under File Format) that allows you to “use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages”.
    I get occasional 4605 errrors, and may send you a patch someday.
    Has anyone attempted to do this for FrameMaker ?

  5. Tom Hall Says:

    Preliminary investigation seems to indicate that viWord effectively disables the CAPSLOCK key (Word seemed to be ingoring it and it wouldn’t work until I completely removed the viWord from Templates and Add-ins.

  6. William Tan Says:

    I realized that the problem with ‘x’ occurs when the cursor is between a non-space and space. Apparently, Word automatically re-inserts the space (right after I cut it).

    I’ve finally managed to workaround this problem by some roundabout steps (see the code if you’re interested). A new release is on its way.

  7. William Tan Says:

    Thanks for reporting this bug, Tom! I’ve fixed this (along with others) in the new release. Please see for the announcement.